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Online reviews have become the new way of deciding the company or business to buy the products you need from or whose services you should hire thanks to the internet and technology. Now that reviews are playing an important role in determining whether a business makes profits or not and whether it will thrive, business owners have to implement ways that will allow them to get more positive Google reviews from their clients. But that does not all businesses are thriving at increasing the number and quality of Google reviews they are getting, most of them encountering several challenges. The following are ways to get more Google reviews for your business.

Asking for reviews in person or creating printouts in your office is one of the most effective ways of increasing Google reviews for your business; you will avoid letting a satisfied customer walk away with a review. Since some customers may be willing to leave a review for your business but do not know how to, educating them on how to leave one is a way of increase the Google reviews for your business. You can also get more Google reviews by emphasizing to your customers how easy it is to leave one.

Sending personal emails to customers you have dealt with explaining the importance of the reviews and how much you appreciate their business may earn you the reviews you want. The reason why most businesses do not get as many reviews as they want is that they have a separate review page for reviews, instead of adding a review link to the business website that can be accessed by everyone. The more customers you reach, the higher the number of Google reviews you are likely to get for your business which is why you should employ multiple touchpoints to increase reviews.

So long as you don’t overdo incentives, it is one of the perfect ways to generate more reviews for your business; giving out something to customers that leave reviews is a way of keeping them coming. Following up your review requests multiple times can earn your business more Google reviews; persistent follow-ups keeps your company in the customer’s mind and may earn you the review you want.

If you want your customers to know that it is worth their time to write reviews for your business, you need to read and respond to all of them, thanking them for the positive ones and addressing the issues raised in the negative reviews. Customers are always ready to recommend your business to a colleague or a friend and leave a Google review if you provide them with excellent services. This is how to get more Google reviews for your business.

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