Public Leader’s TONE Matters

Although, it’s been true, for quite a while, in this recent health crisis/ pandemic, we now have witnessed, clearly, that this TONE articulated, by any public leader, is really a relevant difference, In some cases, this is the positive one, so it helps someone, be a more effective, motivating, inspiring leader. On the other hand, when someone, proceeds having a negative attitude, and attracts baser instincts, in lieu of quality ones, commemorate polarization, and division, when unity, and working on the greater good, inside them for hours a meeting – of – the – minds, works, and absolutely, necessary, whenever you have crisis. If you put – aside, your own personal, political agenda, and compare, the impact of two politicians, seen, daily, currently, in the news, and compare their approaches, along with the messages, they articulate. On one hand, President Trump, who’s going to be superb at conntacting his core supporters/ base, but, less so, with the remainder of the public, and compare it, towards the approach, utilized by, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, and, you’ll witness the result of their tone. With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using the mnemonic approach, what this signifies, and represents, and why it produces a significant difference.

  1. Trust/ truth; timely; time – tested; trends: When you tune in to each of these individuals, what kind, usually tell the truth, and earns out trust, in these times of crisis. The President’s initial inaction, and, failing to take, well – considered, timely action, and taking advantage of time – tested solutions/ ideas, etc, clearly relates for the difference, inside their comparable tone! The same – old, same – old, blame – and – complain approach and orientation, puts us, at – risk!
  2. Options; opportunities; open – mind; organized: It’s difficult for Mr. Trump, to improve his tone, because, he may seem to refuse to accept, willingly, constructive criticism! Wouldn’t we, be superior – served, if our leaders considers various options and alternatives, and took advantage from the best opportunities. When the first is narrow – minded, it really is challenging, for him, to help keep an open – mind! Since the President disbanded most of his expert/ public health sources/ panels, a structured, relevant response, is delayed!
  3. Needs: When you pay attention to Trump, and Cuomo, that you believe, cares more to do with your needs, and, who, seems fixated by his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests!
  4. Empathy; emphasis; energy/ energize; enrich; excellence: There is a direct relationship between tone, and genuine empathy! Which individual’s emphasis, appears to be more, focused, on our very best interests. These factors, along with the apparent energy, either energizes, or harms your message, articulated. We need leaders, who, consistently, enrich us, and energize us, towards greater good.

Wake up, America, and demand better leadership. We need a good, welcoming TONE, plus the perception of any caring leader, to create us together, throughout this crisis!

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