Inching Closer

hey say “Who knows the future holds.” But might know about can tell from current events that happen to be playing out around the globe today can be a dawn of your new age has arrived. Whether that is often a good thing or bad remains to appear. But, something is for certain there was better tidy up our work as a human race before it happens to be too late for saving mankind and our world.

The simplicity of life of spanning a half century ago is erased from the complexity of your respective existence today. No longer will there be boyhood desires for sand lot baseball where parks were full of catching fly balls. Now, diet program our youth are affixed to earphones with their I-pads or smartphones. The gaiety of boys chasing girls has long since replaced by more adult tones. The innocence of the bye-gone era is not any more. No, we not able to blame this coronavirus on that. But, as our society shifted outside the balance there were those 60 years ago so did the complexity of life today.

When I was young sure life had it’s moments. But, days gone by were things that forged lasting memories. I look back with great fondness though my focus might be to just survive one more day. The troubles around the world have swept up. The only refuge is within the solitude of ones existence today. No where you can run and thus few places to cover up from this scourge, this Pandemic.

What the planet will look like if this Pandemic blows over, nobody knows without a doubt. But, a very important factor is for certain maybe the Georgia Guide Stones predictions might hold some truths. A harsh reality that may soon emerge awaits every one of humanity. And, hence the Doomsday Clock is inching much better that midnight hour. There are ways to turn that clock back. And, yet an excessive amount man’s focus is based on materialistic gains acting from pure impulse never questioning or analogizing the consequences with their actions.

So now were facing time ahead in a very more somber, ominous tone. If we do not learn anything form this coronavirus pandemic just maybe another one the bells will toll in the midnight hour sending the planet into a cataclysm of merely one catastrophe after another. There will be no place to disguise and nowhere to operate to escape the unimaginable horror that awaits mankind.

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