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Smart Tips for Choosing a Healthy Kitten

Now that you have decided to purchase the right kitten it is time to learn how to get the right one. There are many things that determine how your kitten will grow and one of them is the health condition of the kitten. You need to ensure that you choose the healthiest kitten from the litter so that you do not struggle to keep it once it leaves the breeder’s home. You may not be aware of the various factors to consider when you are choosing the right kitten and this is why this article will come handy. The article offers great advice on the various factors that you should consider when you are buying the best kitten.

First, you need to keenly look at the parents before you take the kitten home. It is the right of every buyer to know the parents of his or her kitten and most breeders have no issue with this. The breeder will in most cases have the parents and the kitten for you to view. The parents are important since they will give you an idea of your kitten when it is grown up. You will know how the kitten might look like as an adult cat. Further, there are some traits that will be passed on to the kitten form the parents not to forget that the mother cat will have taught its kitten a lot of things in the very first weeks. If for example, you notice that the mother cat does not like people, there are chances that the kitten has already learned to also dislike people and may not the best to take home.

The second tip to choosing a healthy kitten is considering the age. There is always heated debate as to when it is the right time to take a kitten away from its family. This is because very young kittens may go through a lot of distress when they are moved to new homes and they may not have learned enough skills from their mothers. Luckily there are kittens that will have learned to groom as early as the eighth week and your work is to check how comfortable the kitten is when isolated from the litter. If you take an aged kitten, it may also be hard to teach new things and may not cope well with your young children. Thus the best age for your kitten to leave the litter will be after nine weeks.

Lastly, check how the kitten looks like and the general personality. A kitten that is well socialized will like you from the word go. There should be no hassles when you are trying to bond with it since it has the right personality and probably likes people. However, if you notice that the kitten is finding it hard to play with you, then you can move on to another litter. The idea is choosing a kitten that is friendly and one that bonds well with you right from the time you visit the place.

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